In the Silas tale, Hollyoaks' Mercedes devises a desperate new plan

In the Silas tale, Hollyoaks' Mercedes devises a desperate new plan ...

Following the return of serial murderer Silas Blissett to the village, Hollyoaks' Mercedes McQueen is worried for her life, and he's been tying the knife by employing an imposter (who he secretly killed afterwards) to scare and confuse her.

Mercedes made a major decision in tonight's (September 6) episode, but will it be successful?

Mercy persuaded Felix Westwood to change the locks in the house and pressured Tony Hutchinson to install cameras. She then stipulated that the family may only leave the house in pairs.

Mercedes called Grace Black because she couldn't shake her paranoia that Silas might be anywhere and could strike at any time.

Mercy promised Grace that she would receive the rifle she stole from her: "New identities, passports for me and Bobby." We're on the run, you must assist us.

Will Grace be able to get the duo out of the village without Silas noticing?

Mason Chen-Williams' radicalised misogyny narrative took a bad turn in tonight's episode, when he was forced to throw a ball at Ella Richardson and begin a fight with Charlie Dean.

Ella's day didn't go well enough, she discovered explicit photographs of her online.

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