The publisher of Dungeons & Dragons apologizes for racist content in Spelljammer

The publisher of Dungeons & Dragons apologizes for racist content in Spelljammer ...

The most recent Dungeons & Dragons tabletop role-playing game, Spelljammer: Adventures in Space, apologised for racist content on Friday. The Wizards apologized on social media and posted further information on the company's website.

Wizards said on Twitter that we failed our adventurers, and we are profoundly sorry.

We regret that we failed our adventurers, and we regret it. Our statement on the Hadozee.

The hadozee is a name for a race that is represented in the Spelljammers Astral Adventurers Guide and in the Dungeons & Dragons Beyond toolset. The primatelike animals were criticized for their links with in-fiction slavery as well as problematic themes and images that serve to reinforce racism against Black people.

Wizards expressed their desire to honor and own the inclusion of offensive material within our most recent Spelljammer: Adventures in Space release. The Hadozee campaign was first launched in 1982. Sadly, not all sections of the Hadozee content were thoroughly reviewed before appearing in our most recent release.

All digital versions of Spelljammer have been removed, and the hadozee will not be included in reprints of the physical book, according to Wizards. It is also conducting a thorough internal review of the processes that led to its publication.

Wizards said in a statement that they are forever grateful for the ongoing dialogue with the D&D community, and we look forward to introducing new, engaging and inclusive content to D&D for generations to come. Only a diverse group of adventurers can overcome the many obstacles that a D&D story presents.

Errata containing revised content, not only related to the hadozee but the whole Spelljammer product, is now available as a free PDF.

Wizards has had to issue a statement on insensitive content in its 5th edition D&D sets, nor is it the first time it has made changes to previously published material. Cultural consultants are often employed by game designers of every stripe to eradicate this material, and Wizards has used their services in the past.

Ironically, the episode follows Wizards' upcoming expansion, Journeys Through the Radiant Citadel, which was created entirely by white writers. The next big release for D&D is a reboot of the Dragonlance setting, which will be released this November alongside a companion strategy board game.