Baby, Gokus still has it

Baby, Gokus still has it ...

For the first time in at least a year, I nearly completed what I thought was impossible: downloaded Fortnite again. The reason? Goku. The star of Dragon Ball, according to many others.

We have been reminded once more that Dragon Ball is and almost always will be, on the top in a fight that is for the birds. I am not someone who needs to know whether or not Goku can win or not. And seeing Goku in non-Dragon Ball situations is, it turns out, extremely funny.

What happened to Goku in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade? Incredible. Goku hitting the Griddy? Divine. Goku with a sniper rifle? Our finest humorists could never.

Let's get guns #gokuinfortnite #dragonball #fortnite in the next Dragon Ball film.

Goku/Dragon Ball's cultural cache in the United States may be attributed to being one of the first major anime studios to break big here. But more importantly, his characteristically jacked and serious appearance is almost always undercut by context. Regardless of how bad a fight may be, hes never quite sure how to get into some kind of family hijinks or himbo trouble, eating too much or lifting too many pounds, or ruining someone's yard.

He now knows how to respond to Dougie.

For as cynical a project as Fortnite may be in some ways its the most successful new advertising platform to emerge in the last decade, in others its a late-capitalist nightmare it is also one of the best expressions of modern fandom. It's not just a place to buy things, it's a place to bond with others.

Its the sort of place where Goku flourishes, and Dragon Ball flourishes. Although I am not able to review all of Dragon Ball Super, all of it has motivated me to want to watch all of it. It just matters that you can plug into the vast tradition of thinking Goku looks cool, and how silly and fun it would be if that guy, and all of his friends Bulma, Krillin, Vegeta, and others could run around in whatever context you envision them in.

The fact that this is happening five years after the most recent Dragon Ball series, Dragon Ball Super, has wrapped, underlines this. Goku and his crew are more than just manga and anime characters; theyre also fandom, a fundamental touchpoint that has remained constant throughout the generations.