When asked about the possibility of a Tom Cruise three-quel, Jerry Bruckheimer refers back to 86

When asked about the possibility of a Tom Cruise three-quel, Jerry Bruckheimer refers back to 86 ...

Top Gun: Maverick has been riding high following its smashing of the Titanics box office record. Fans have called for a Top Gun three-quel as the pressure grows. When asked about a Tom Cruise three-quel, Bruckheimer replied with a stunning nod to 1986.

The Top Gun sequel was no small undertaking as the legendary Hollywood producer said the film was stuck in developmental hell for years following the tragic death of original director Tony Scott. But things came together when all of the essential pieces (including Tom Cruise) came through with an exciting story for new and old fans. Despite the sequel speculation, Jerry Bruckheimer was honest with Radio Times about how close (or not) moviegoers are to receiving a much-talked-about three sequel.

I cant promise you what the future will bring. If you asked me in 1986, do you think you'll have a sequel out in the next few years? I'd have said yes. It took 30-something years to accomplish it!

The sequel to Maverick and his crew took over three decades to produce. But now, fans are clamoring for another film that doesnt take three decades to produce.

The Maverick fever has been fueled by multiple generations seeing the film multiple times. The second film's cross-generational appeal surprised the 78-year-old Hollywood producer with Millennials and Gen Z taking to the long-overdue sequel.

It was an iconic 86 film that people remember seeing with their fathers. They now wanted their children to see it. But as it turned out, it was a family film.

Maverick has seemed to become a rite-of-passage for a new generation. This will begin a new tradition amongst Millennial and Gen Z dads to show the sequel. Maybe Gen Alpha dads will continue the tradition with their children.

Jerry Bruckheimer and the cast were taken by surprise by the enthusiastic response to the Top Gun sequel. It was only when the box office grosse continued to increase week after week due to repeated viewings that audiences were ready for additional air maneuvers and secret missions that were initially unaware of how huge the sequel was.

Top Gun and Top Gun: Maverick are available now online. In the meantime, you may still see the sequel to Top Gun in cinemas in 2022.