Twitch is getting rid of host and host mode features

Twitch is getting rid of host and host mode features ...

As originally reported by Zach Bussey, livestreaming platform Twitch has announced its intention to remove both the host and host mode capabilities on October 3, 2022.

Host mode was introduced in 2014 so that streamers could offer their audiences a new stream to see after they came online. While host mode was active, the hosting streaming would still appear as online, but their channel would essentially feature a content creator of their choice, though it would be entirely separate.

The hosting feature will be phased out from October 3, 2022. On the users Stream Manager quick action page the Host Channel action will be removed and Autohost will be replaced by Suggested Channels in Twitchs channel settings.

Twitch wrote about its rationale for deactivating hosting capabilities. Since its launch, weve learned that streamers often want to be part of other streamers' networks in order to flourish, and have implemented features to assist you in doing that.

Twitch stated that hosting prevented viewers from connecting with the selected streamer, and that it inhibited a meaningful connection to new viewers. Unlike raiding, hosting counted toward the hosts' viewership and provided a completely different viewer experience, which likely contributed to the distance to which Twitch referred.

Many Twitch users support the move, claiming that they have not seen the host functionality extensively in recent years. Others consider the platform's decision to phase it out this October.