After months of speculation, Fuslie has confirmed his move to YouTube Gaming

After months of speculation, Fuslie has confirmed his move to YouTube Gaming ...

Fuslie, a popular livestreamer and content creator, has finally confirmed her move to YouTube Gaming today, signing an exclusive streaming agreement with the video hosting platform.

Fuslies' move to YouTube quickly became known as an inevitability to many viewers. A sad goodbye to her Twitch chat on-stream almost erased the controversy over livestreaming's worst-kept secrets, yet the musician and gaming streamer finally put the rumors to rest in a recent video.

Fuslie chose the traditional colors of both YouTube announcement platforms to confirm her decision, while simultaneously posing as a miniature ukulele as she did in Facebook's streaming service.

Fuslie made her YouTube debut with a complete musical composition, including several newly signed YouTube content creators, such as LilyPichu, Sykkuno, and other more experienced YouTube content creators.

Fuslie was embraced by many of the now-exempt YouTube content creators within minutes of her announcement. Responding to Peter Park by writin Kept this one a secret!


Fuslie is the latest addition to the rapidly expanding division on the platform. Many users are optimistic that YouTube will continue to expand. With only more Twitch exclusive content creators seeing their contracts expire in the next months, it is entirely possible that more livestreamers will make the switch.

Fuslie will have her first YouTube video tomorrow, September 7th.

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