After an emotional bathtub video, fans worry about a voice cast member: Divorce isnt easy

After an emotional bathtub video, fans worry about a voice cast member: Divorce isnt easy ...

Kelsea Ballerini, a country music star, was known as the sixth coach on Season 15 of The Voice when she was given the chance to mentor rejected contestants as they competed for a second chance on The Comeback Stage. In season 16, she was also Kelly Clarksons Battle Advisor, and later sat in for Clarkson when she was ill, according to Yahoo! Entertainment.

Both Clarkson and Ballerini have come to terms with the pain of divorce. The Clarksons' divorce from Brandon Blackstock was finalized in March, 2022, although they are still working out some things.

According to court filings obtained by Heavy, Ballerini filed for divorce from Morgan Evans on August 26, 2022. The couple had been married for five years.

Ballerini Is Going Through A Complex Time

A difficult period.

Katie Gregson-MacLeod is a narrator and a narrator.

Ballerini posted a sad TikTok video on Saturday, September 3, in which she is sitting naked in a bathtub, wearing smudged eye makeup, as if she has been crying. She captioned the video with a complex time.

Complex is playing in the background as Ballerini is battling with the weight of the lyrics: Im wearing his boxers / Im being a nice wife. We will not be together until the next life / I'm being a cool girl / Im keeping it so tight. I carry him home while my friends have a good night. He believes that everything is fine.

Throughout the video, Ballerini has an agonizing expression on her face. At the end, she plunges her head underwater just as the lyrics are playing in a hopeless loop.

Fans Are Concerned

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Fans are unsure what to expect from the video. Clearly, Ballerni is coping with her emotions, but is this merely a creative expression of those feelings, or a plea for help?

Many fans pleaded with support for Peter Pan's singer. One wrote, It's a cosmic reorganization - may not make sense now, but it will once you get to where you're going!!! Another fan commented, Going through divorce isnt easy. Know that your fans are always supportive.

Another kindly expressed his grief, saying, "I'm sorry. it's a difficult time to go through." I'm praying for you." Another offered, "You're so sorry. I promise you won't be alone."

My heart is broken for you, you are so brave, and its so inspiring how open and vulnerable you are. Others recommended that you take your time.

Ballerini & Mental Health

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Bellerini has been an advocate for mental health. In May, which is Mental Health Awareness Month, she shared a video on Instagram promoting the charitable organization She founded called Feel Your Way Through.

She encouraged viewers to take care of their mental health. In the video, she says, I have been blessed and fortunate in my life, which I have really shared more over the last few years. Ive been fortunate and privileged to have access to the tools that Ive needed to heal. So, I created the Feel Your Way Through Fund, which is a charitable fund that I will donate all of my income to various charities and foundations that I have researched.

Ballerini did not go into great detail about her particular difficulties or what she needed to heal from. However, before signing off she advised, if you cant donate, always check on yourself, and if you personally are going through something right now, I just want to tell you that you are perfectly fine and you are not alone. Whatever it is, you will overcome it and learn more about yourself from it.

Interestingly, a large majority of the comments on her TikTok video reflected these opinions.