Survivor 43: Meet the Paralympian Competing

Survivor 43: Meet the Paralympian Competing ...

Survivor is well-known for having a wide spectrum of players over its 20-plus-year run, from everyday, ordinary white-collar workers to celebrities, athletes, and Olympians alike. Just the past few seasons, fans will remember famous screenwriter Mike White, Olympic swimmer and gold medalistElizabeth Beisel, and Dallas Cowboys player Danny McCrayin.

Season 43 will add a whole new dimension of diversity to the program, but Lambert is a 25-year-old former Paralympian from New Hampshire. And while it may be difficult for fully able-bodied people to endure the Fijian elements for 26 days, Lambert is confident that she will thrive in the game.

Noelle Lambert set a new record at her Paralympic Games.

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NoelleLambert will make history on the next Survivor season for being the first ever paralympian to compete in the game. However, Chad Crittenden of season 9, Vanuatu, and Kelly Bruno of season 21, Nicaragua, have all lost their left leg in a moped accident in 2016, according to the Concord Monitor.

Lambert competed as a sprinter in the Tokyo Summer Paralympics, where she placed seventh in her respective category for the 100 meter dash, according to USA Lacrosse Magazine. This race, which she finished in 15.97 seconds, set a new record for her sex and amputee category.

Lambert was not even a sprinter when she lost her leg in her CBS introduction video. Through her youth and through college at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell, per Team USA, she had quickly scored a goal, which is what motivated her to return to the sport she had never even attempted before: track and field.

Lambert founded the Born to Run Foundation, a non-profit that aims to provide prosthetic limbs to young people and children who are unable to otherwise afford them. The Foundation explains that their goal is to show amputees that being different is something to embrace.

Lambert is certain she will make Survivor history.

Noelle Lambert (@noellelambert) has shared a post.

Lambert is a dedicated supporter of the game and does not want her disability to define her. In her CBS bio, many people notice me as her prosthetic, and they feel sorry for me and doubt my abilities. And that is their first mistake.

Lambert is relying on her social acumen, her capacity to quickly form friendships, and her adaptability to constantly changing circumstances. Quite appropriately, Lambert believes that whenever she is confronted with the impossible, I will overcome it. And in the end, she is optimistic about her prospects.

Lambert stated in her introductory video that she is absolutely certain that she will win. Im going to be the first amputee to ever win the game of Survivor. No doubt that Lambert has overcome the odds before, but time will tell if her track record continues in the game of Survivor.

On Wednesday, September 21, 2022, you may catch our live coverage of the two-hour Survivor 43 premiere at 8 p.m. Eastern.