Is a spin-off of Animal Kingdom possible? EP discuss

Is a spin-off of Animal Kingdom possible? EP discuss ...

Our excitement for this world and these characters is still there, just a week after the anime Kingdomseries conclusion.

The final episode of The Realm can be argued to have provided a lot of closure. J enlisted the help of his uncles, while both Pope and Craig succumbed to some of the wounds they sustained as part of an elaborate escape plot. Pope could have killed his nephew, but decided to let him go as a last measure of redemption over what happened to Julia. Deran is still alive, and the #1 spin-off weve heard recently is a tale of Finn Cole and Jake Wearys characters squa

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Another obvious drawback of a spin-off is that for the time being, there is no suitable home out there that makes a lot of sense. TNT is getting out of the scripted programming game and while the network shares a parent company with HBO Max, it is actually Amazon, which has served as the streaming home for the past several seasons of the program.

Were just not relying on it, and we're glad Deran rekindled his friendship with Adrian.