Billy Mitchell and DCI Keeble are clear up in EastEnders

Billy Mitchell and DCI Keeble are clear up in EastEnders ...

The EastEnders spoilers from Tuesday's episode (September 6) are below.

DCI Keeble is accused of blaming Billy Mitchell for the tragic death of her father by EastEnders.

The highlight episode on Monday revealed that Phil and Grant's evil father Eric Mitchell murdered Keeble's father by shooting him in 1979.

As the Mitchells carried out a savage raid on a warehouse, they were interrupted by Keeble's father, who was working as a security guard at the time.

Keeble said she wanted Phil to provide sufficient information to ensure that Billy is sent to prison, but it wasn't immediately apparent why she was pointing the finger at the wrong guy.

Keeble told Phil that Billy played a key role in the tragedy on Tuesday's episode.

Keeble replied when Phil described Billy as "harmless." "Actually, he purchased the firearm." There is a witness testimony that goes years back. The weapon is all there in black and white."

Keeble required Phil's corroboration to obtain a conviction, but he was hesitant to work with the cops.

If Phil's fiancee Kat Slater didn't cooperate with her, Keeble threatened to prosecute him for false drug charges.

Kat was soon detained as Keeble's sly plan played out. When Phil had second thoughts and begged Keeble to call off her plan, Kat was told that she was free to go.

Phil explained to Keeble that Eric was to blame for her father's death, rather than Billy, in another tense conversation.

This failed to deliver on Phil's expectations, as Keeble pledged to continue targeting Billy regardless.

Keeble concluded: "Your father is dead. That's no good to me. Billy purchased the rifle, and he pays for it.

"You want the truth? I don't care about Billy. All I care about is you, and the look on your face is a representation of your own flesh and blood."

Despite his desperate threats that criminals would kill his family in retaliation, Keeble stepped up her threats even further, promising to spread the word that Phil is a "grass."

Phil returned home and told Kat everything. However, the Walford hard man appeared to have now made up his mind, revealing how far he'd go to take Keeble's battle.

"I promised myself to do it, and I gave her a statement, alright, but I'm not going to go through with it," he said. "I'll retract the statement in court at the last minute."

Phil warned Kat that if Billy does [happen], she's dead. She's a dead person.

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