FIFA 23 Web App Guide: When Will It Be Released?

FIFA 23 Web App Guide: When Will It Be Released? ...

Everything you need to know about FIFA 23s Web App, as well as the features that will make your Ultimate Team experience easier.

The Web App is just one of many ways to get a taste of FIFA 23 prior to its September 30 release date. If you do not have access to EA Play or you did not pre-order the Ultimate Edition, the Web App is your route to getting your Ultimate Team journey underway as soon as possible.

The Web App and its Companion App may be used to organize your Ultimate Team, edit your squad, open packs, and much more. Lets take a look at when the FIFA 23s Web App will be available to players.

FIFA 23 Web App expected release date

If EA follows FIFA 22, then the FIFA 23 Web App might be released on September 21. FIFA 23s worldwide release is scheduled for September 30, but players who have early access may begin to enjoy the game as of September 27.

The Web App will launch on September 22. EA tends to give players a six-day period before getting their hands on the game. For FIFA 23, this would be the release date.

FIFA 23 Companion App expected release date

The FIFA 23 Companion App is expected to be released on September 22, just one day after the Web App. Although the Web App is only available on internet browsers, the Companion App is a dedicated application for mobile devices and tablets.

Both the Web App and the Companion App provide the same features, although the Web App prefers a PC.

The FIFA 22 Companion App was released one day after the Web App.

FIFA 23 Web App & Companion App features

Most players overlook how much more Ultimate Team is beyond just playing matches. The Web App and Companion App are there to make your life easier when it comes to everything beyond playing matches.

The FIFA 23 Web App and Companion App offers a range of functions and actions.

  • Name your Ultimate Team
  • Select Kits & Stadiums
  • Manage your FIFA 23 Ultimate Team squads
  • Apply consumables
  • Complete SBCs
  • Claim Squad Battles, Division Rivals, and FUT Champs rewards
  • Buy and sell players on the FUT Transfer Market
  • Open Ultimate Team Packs
  • Recover quick sold players

Well be sure to keep an update when the official release dates for the Web App and Companion App are revealed. Well also explain how to recover quick sold players and provide Transfer Market advice.

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