G2 Gent has been added to ALGS by NICKMERCS and Tripods

G2 Gent has been added to ALGS by NICKMERCS and Tripods ...

NICKMERCS and his Apex Legends Global Series team, Tripods, have needed a new third member since they parted ways with previous IGL Lewda.

Rigo Gent Padilla, a G2s player, has been re-introduced to the Tripods team this week after Lewdas' absence for several tournaments. Gent has previously been filling in for the Tripods in the third year of ALGS competition.

Tripods are moving forward with @G2Gent as our new third for the ALGS Pro League! @yaboydeeds and I are excited to compete at the highest level with one of the best in the game pic.twitter.com/giS03YLCL6

NICKMERCS and his teammate Deeds faced criticism from the Apex community about their ability to perform at the level North Americas Pro League will require, especially after they decided to drop Lewda, who called the shots for the squad. Gent has acquired a player with some serious experience from years of competition with the AimAssist squad.

Gent is one of the best fraggers the region has to offer right now. With a skilled player on the controller, the team will not be in need of firepower when Gent is busy fighting.

What a 1v2 @G2Gent pic.twitter.com/O1i9F6KCjg

The new Tripods squad will have to face off against a few challenges. While NICKMERCS and Deeds have both faced off against Apex in the last year or so, both are still fairly green in the pro league, compared to many of the teams they will face off against. And while Gent is one of the best free agents in the league, he is not known as an IGL in the recent past.

Still, Tripods has an exciting pick-up, and Gent has an interesting role to fill. G2s was a successful team after failing to live up to their own expectations in the second half of the ALGS season, placing 35th in the Split Two Playoffs and not qualifying for the ALGS Championship.