In League of Legends, Darius is the finest counter

In League of Legends, Darius is the finest counter ...

For over ten years, Darius has been a member of the League of Legends champion roster.

Darius has barely been changed since his release in May 2012. When he first appeared in the game, he was hailed as one of the greatest one-vs-one top lanersand that continues to this day.

One of the last things you want to do against Darius is to get up close and personal. Due to the champs' high damage and bleeding mechanic, nearly every trade will turn out in his favor. With his Apprehend (E), it's also easy for him to close the gap and finish you off.

Despite the fact that Darius is a champion, there are a few champions who counteract him. Here are the best counters for the champion.


Darius is battling hard against ranged champions who have no chance of successfully closing the gap. Quinn is one of the few top lane-oriented ranged champions that excel here, thanks to not only her Q but the bounce from her E that propels her backward. Once she reaches level six, Quinn is able to roam freely, giving her the chance to gain an advantage over Darius without having to be in the lane.


For the same reasons as Quinn, Vayne is a fantastic champion against Darius. However, with the Night Hunter, you should have more mobility and crowd control, which will be critical in one-vs-ones in the top lane. In the late game, you should also be a dangerous carry, so you shouldn't have to worry about scaling.


Kayle joins the ranks of ranged top laners that gorge on immobile melee champions like Darius. Though her basic attacks are melee until level six, once she unlocks her ultimate, she becomes a ranged champion that can easily deal with her opponents from afar.


Sejuani is a top-tier player in the current meta, although she does have a fair amount of damage.