As Father-Son Duo Reunite, Star Trek and Harry Potter Worlds collide

As Father-Son Duo Reunite, Star Trek and Harry Potter Worlds collide ...

On September 3, 2022, Jason Isaacs and Tom Felton met up to discuss the play 2:22: A Ghost Story in London. Equally terrifying, he's recording music and has a book out. I'd hate him if I didn't catch it yet.

Isaacs and Felton have previously reconnected for a Harry Potter 20th anniversary reunion special.

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Felton later shared a photo of the Instagram post: "I saw this play" According to People Magazine, Felton is 34 years old, while Isaacs is 59. In August, Variety reported that Isaacs would play Hollywood great Cary Grant in a biographical limited television series. The series will be broadcast in the United Kingdom in late 2022, before being broadcast on ITV in the months following. Grants' former wife, Dyan Cannon, and his daughter Jennifer Grant are among the executive producers.

Isaacs is willing to reprise his role as Lorca, but only if things go according to plan.

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Isaacs has made several statements about his possibility of a Prime version of his Star Trek: Discovery character, Captain Gabriel Lorca, in a future Star Trek project, according to Memory Alpha. The Crowded Room will be directed by Akiva Goldsman, who has written and directed quite a lot of Discovery films. It also means that when you see it, like when you see The Sixth Sense for the second time, you get a whole new sense of satisfaction.