Phil Mitchell's next move in the DCI Keeble storyline is revealed in EastEnders

Phil Mitchell's next move in the DCI Keeble storyline is revealed in EastEnders ...

EastEnders spoilers will be released shortly.

In Wednesday night's episode (September 7,) EastEnders' Phil Mitchell will devise another desperate plan.

Phil is currently facing a formidable foe, as DCI Keeble continues to make alarming threats to him and his family.

Phil confided in his fiancee Kat Slater about how he had been forced to provide Keeble with a statement against a member of his own family Billy in Tuesday's episode.

Phil said to Kat that he'd rebut the statement in court at the last minute, but his decision leaves Billy in a predicament in the meantime.

Phil takes steps to protect Billy from the wrath of Keeble in newly-released spoiler images.

Phil tries to persuade Billy to skip the upcoming Mitchell wedding as a personal favor to him.

Billy is interested when Phil claims that he will need him to negotiate a property deal in Portugal.

Will Phil reveal to Billy the truth about Keeble's hateful behavior toward the family? Will Billy follow Phil's lead, or remain in danger of being arrested in Walford?

Keeble's hatred for the Mitchells dates back to 1979, when her father was fatally shot by Phil, Grant, and Sam's father Eric.

When Keeble's father, who worked as a security guard, interrupted the Mitchells as they conducted a criminal raid on a warehouse, the brutal killing occurred.

Billy was involved in the raid, but has no clue what happened to Keeble's father, who died that night.

"Actually, [Billy] purchased the rifle," Keeble told Phil. There's a witness testimony that dates back to 2002, where Billy Mitchell purchased the pistol. It's all there in black and white."

Keeble refused to give up when informed by Phil that Eric was to blame. "Your father is dead. That's no good to me," said the author. Billy sourced the pistol, and he pays the price.

"You want the truth?" I don't care about Billy. All I care about is you, and that look on your face is a committment to your own flesh and blood.

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