Sadie Sink, star of Stranger Things, has landed her next film role

Sadie Sink, star of Stranger Things, has landed her next film role ...

Sadie Sink is on a roll right now. She was one of the most significant actors in Stranger Things' last season, and she has a major role in Brendan Fraser's most recent film The Whale, which won widespread praise at the Venice Film Festival.

Variety has reported that Sylvia Hoeks, rising German actor Jonas Dassler, Austrian actress Sophie Rois, and one-time Hulk actor Eric Bana will star in the upcoming thriller Berlin Nobody.

Bana is playing Ben Monroe, an expat and current social psychologist who has moved to Berlin for a research on cult mentality.

Sink, meanwhile, is playing his daughter, who becomes enraptured by a mysterious local boy, played by Dassler.

The film, which was directed by Nicholas Hogg in a 2015 novel called Tokyo, is currently filming in the German capital. Alien, Gladiator, and House of Gucci's director is none other than Ridley Scott.

Sadie Sink, who had never heard of Kate Bush before working on Stranger Things, talked about her battle to get the role of Max, who was introduced in season 2.

"I just begged and pleaded with them to give me more material so I might demonstrate something different," Sink recalls, after hearing that producers thought she was too old (she was 14 at the time) to play the character and insisted to them that she was the correct choice.

We don't think anybody would disagree with the way things turned out.

Seasons 1-4 of Stranger Things are now available on Netflix across the globe.