Laurie Strodes' Last Stand is teased in a new 'Halloween Ends' image

Laurie Strodes' Last Stand is teased in a new 'Halloween Ends' image ...

The Halloween season is finally upon us, which means Laurie Strode and Michael Myers' decades-long battle will soon come to an end in Halloween Ends this October. There has been so much speculation about this supposed final chapter in the Halloween saga, and fans are anxiously anticipating the end. Now, Universal has released a new image which demonstrates that the two mortal foes are not going down without one last battle.

Jamie Lee Curtis Laurie and Michael Myers do what they do best: shooting each other. In this particular scene, Laurie is pinned against a table while Michael is trying to inflict some poetic revenge. As shown in the teaser for Ends, Michael is likely to wear the same outfit.

The mystery of this film is still unknown, but what we do know is that it took place four years after Halloween and Halloween Kills. Laurie and her granddaughter Allyson are trying to get through the unpleasantness, even to the point where Laurie is reading a biography of Sidney Prescott in order to recover from her decades of trauma. However, when you live in Haddonfield, the ghost of Michael Myers is never far behind.

This particular image does a fantastic job of reminding fans of Ends' intense stakes. Both Halloween and Kills were blood-soaked love letters to the 1978 original, filled with haunting franchise Easter eggs. This series of films seems to be continuing that heartbreaking trend, even if either Laurie or Michael (or both) will survive this final stretch of time.

When Halloween Ends makes its way to theaters and Peacock on October 14, fans will finally see the end of Laurie and Micheal Myers' story. We should expect a new trailer in the near future.