In Destiny 2, how do I get Duty Bound?

In Destiny 2, how do I get Duty Bound? ...

Beyond Light limited the infusion level of some Destiny 2 weapons, making it impossible for them to level beyond a certain point. This didnt make them completely useless or remove them from the game, but it did make them more difficult to utilize in any content with higher power levels.

The Savathuns Song Strike on Titan was rewarded with a Battlefield upgrade, and the weapon was also hit with an infusion cap (also known as sunsetting). Now, however, it's back as a drop, and it comes with a slew of benefits that are certain to make it worthwhile.

How to get Duty Bound in Destiny 2

In Season of the Risen and the release of The Witch Queen, Duty Bound was included in the rotation, allowing players to obtain it from the Nightfall activity whenever it is in rotation. Higher-difficulty activities have better drop rates, and finishing a Grandmaster Nightfall when Duty Bound is in rotation can get players an Adept version of the weapon.

If Duty Bound receives a drop in the first perk column and some of Destiny 2's most desirable features in the second column, it can easily clinch a permanent spot in a player's Kinetic slot.

The possibility of combining Rampage, One For All, Vorpal Weapon, Frenzy, and Fourth Times The Charm as possible benefits in the second perk column is a testament to how stacked its perk pool can be. Even before considering the possibility of rolling Triple Tap and Fourth Times The Charm at the same time.

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