At Ubisoft Forward, several new Assassins Creed games are expected to be announced

At Ubisoft Forward, several new Assassins Creed games are expected to be announced ...

Both Tom Henderson for Try Hard Guides and Jason Schreier for Bloomberg have given a better idea of what the Ubisoft Forward event will be like on September 10th. Fans will be surprised by plenty of stylish hoods and hidden blades.

According to these reports, Ubisoft will release several more Assassins Creed titles alongside the previously leaked and confirmed title Assassins Creed Mirage. The other new projects will take place in the Holy Roman Empire and feudal Japan.

Ubisoft will release several Assassin's Creed games on Saturday, including the two main games in Infinity. There's Red, set in Japan, and Neo/Hexe, set amid the Holy Roman Empire's witch trials.

Red and Neo are the new titles, while Hexe is the older game, which Assassins Creed fans have long longed for as a whole game. This would set the game after the Middle Ages and most likely shortly after the Assassins Creed II trilogy.

Both Red and Hexe will be included in the Assassins Creed Infinity platform, which will most likely be released in 2024 or later.

Mirage should still be on track for a release in 2023. Neither will the only Assassins Creed games announced on Sept. 10, either. Henderson notes that a mobile game named Project Jade and the final DLC for Assassins Creed Valhalla are also set to be released.

Ubisoft to Release Several New Assassins Creed Games at Ubisoft Forwardvia @TryHardGuides

There is a lot of information out there for Assassins Creed enthusiasts, but rest assured your favorite series will make a comeback. Fans can check out Ubisoft Forward on September 10 for more information.