Top Twitch Channels, August 2022: XQc stays on top, but can he match himself?

Top Twitch Channels, August 2022: XQc stays on top, but can he match himself? ...

In August, content creators ruled Twitch, with all of the top seven channels being led by none other than xQc, who was also the most-watched streamer.

The most-watched streamers included a wide spectrum of languages, nationalities, and content. Although most of the top 10 channels on Twitch were English-language, Spanish and Portuguese were represented. While, creator nationalities included Canadian, Argentinian, Spanish, and Brazilian.

According to Streams Charts, these are the most-watched Twitch channels from August.

Most-watched Twitch streamer: xQc

XQcs' dominance remained constant throughout the month, as he continued to surge above the rest of the platform. Despite 17.8 million hours watched, it was more than twice the number of people who watched ElSpreen during the month.

xQc has 57.7 million more hours watched in 2022 than Gaules, who has the second-most on the platform. He has more than twice the hours watched of the third-most-watched streamer on Twitch, ibai, this year.

Although xQc's popularity might be limited by how he stacks up against himself, year over year, the former Overwatch pro is down slightly until August.

Kai Cenat breaks through

Kai Cenat, a popular YouTuber, made headlines in August, posting the fourth most hours watched on the platform by increasing his output on Twitch. In just one month, Cenat more than doubled his viewership for the year, putting him at 12.6 million hours.

Cenat received 407.5 hours of airtime in January and July, but in August he increased his content by streaming for 236.3 hours. Cenat has demonstrated that he can be a powerful platform creator, even if he may have some haters.