When does Dungeons of Aether's release date occur?

When does Dungeons of Aether's release date occur? ...

Dungeons of Aether is a dungeon-crawling RPG developed by Dan Furnace. This spin-off takes place in the same universe as the original Rivals of Aether, but with a different gameplay style. This may leave you wondering what the release date is.

Dungeons of Aether will be available on Steam on February 28, 2023. Just as Rivals of Aether does, it features stunning pixel art and animations. You will play as four new heroes in Dungeons of Aether and seek to uncover the secrets of the Julesvale Caverns.

Dan Furnace's spin-off game utilizes turn-based combat and a dice draft system to ensure every encounter is unique and challenging. You will have to adapt to a new pool of dice each turn, and luck will determine how you play.

For further information on the Dungeons of Aether announcement trailer, visit the Rivals of Aether YouTube channel.