Season 2 episode 5 of Devils: The Bitcoin conquest

Season 2 episode 5 of Devils: The Bitcoin conquest ...

It's possible that this show will be able to make some interesting relationship dynamics and topical stories in the next week. Bitcoin may find itself at the center of the narrative in some rather unexpected ways.

The completeDevilsseason 2 episode 5 synopsis is below, along with further information about what's next:

A RACE AGAINST TIME An accident outside a private Mayfair bank gives us a once in a lifetime opportunity to discover the author of Bitcoin, with Massimo (Alessandro Borghi) caught in the middle and beginning to question his previous decisions: is Dominic truly the one behind everything? Will he lead the murderers straight to the evidence they are looking for? Every episode of DEVILS will be available for free on The CW App and the day after broadcast.

We understand that there are huge trust issues that have been there between Massimo and Dominic for a while now, and that those are expected to escalate throughout the weeks ahead. Much of it is centered around the back-and-forth and trying to figure out who has your best interests at heart. From a performance standpoint, we're confident that some fantastic stuff will be around the corner.