Season 14 of NCIS: Los Angeles: See LL Cool J, the cast in a new poster

Season 14 of NCIS: Los Angeles: See LL Cool J, the cast in a new poster ...

Why not spread the new poster via the network after the premiere ofNCIS: Los Angeles next month?

If you look down below (via TV Insider), you can get a sense of how the network is preparing the groundwork for what lies ahead. This program has long used palm trees as a component of its central aesthetic, and it also knows that it doesnt have to do much more than this to attract viewers.

This poster consists of at least two notable things that we can talk about for a moment.

1.This is the third year in a row that CBS has released key artwork featuring LL Cool J, Chris ODonnell, Eric Christian Olsen, and Daniela Ruah. This is a further endorsement of the four of them as co-leads for the series, rather than just Sam and Callen.

2.There is no mention on this page of it being the final season, although there have been rumors aplenty of this over the years. This is something that may still happen, so be sure to either watch it live or stream after the fact! When it comes to extending the life of this program, it is admittedly amazing that it has lasted so long when few spin-offs do.

What can you expect almost immediately this season? We do think there will be some happier moments when Callen is engaged to Anna and Deeks/ Kensi enjoying parenthood. However, there is also a concern that might arise early, and it is one that is very closely linked to Linda Hunts character of Hetty. (Get more information about that here.)

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