Kogonada, the director of 'After Yang,' has joined a limited series adaptation of The Incendiaries

Kogonada, the director of 'After Yang,' has joined a limited series adaptation of The Incendiaries ...

The Incendiaries, the celebrated novel from R.O. Kwon, is being adapted for a limited series of the same name and is being developed by FilmNation Entertainment TV. Jessica Jones and Star Trek: Discovery writer Lisa Randolph is on board to write the series, with Kogonada (Pachinko, After Yang) to direct.

The Incendiaries tackles complex topics such as faith and intimacy, with the narrative based heavily on Kwon's own religious loss when he was a teenager. While Phoebe is lured to join a mysterious group known as Jejah by another student named John Leal, there were no announced cast members at the time of the publication.

The Incendiaries was my first novel, and it was all the more heartening that it was picked as a national bestseller in its first week of publication and named a best book of the year by over forty publications. I'm beyond grateful that Lisa Randolph's superb scripts have been adopted by my husband.

Randolph's most recent role was as a co-executive producer of Prodigal Son at Fox. Other roles include the aforementioned Jessica Jones at Netflix and Paramount+s Star Trek: Discovery, as well as other series such as CWs Reign and FXs The Shield. I am so thrilled to work with FilmNation on bringing Will and Phoebes' compelling tale to a new audience, according to Randolph.

After Yang, a popular Apple TV drama series directed by Oprah Winfrey, has been executive producer of A24 and Cinereach 2021's After Yang. Another untitled scripted series related to the murder of Vincent Chin is being executive produced by Chloe Zhao. He also said, "I was immediately taken by R.O. Kwons story of class, reinvention, and the loss and radicalization of faith, which seems more relevant than ever."

Courtney Saladino, the VP of television at FilmNation Entertainment, and Stefanie Berk, the show's producer, will direct the series on behalf of Wishmore Entertainment. According to Berk, the two companies are currently shopping the project around. This book is an intense exploration of how the turmoil of faith and the burning passion of first love can take us to extremes.

There are no further details on the adaptation of The Incendiaries that have been released. Stay tuned to Collider for further updates on the upcoming limited series.