Amid MCU popularity, Simu Liu opens up about mental health

Amid MCU popularity, Simu Liu opens up about mental health ...

Simu Liu received favorable reviews from fans and critics for his MCU debut inShang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.

Lius Marvel's arrival opened the door for a wide range of careers for the actor, who has previously appeared in Jennifer Lopez's Netflix film, Atlas.

Although it's clear that the actor has had success both in and out, a new social media post has shed some light on his current mental state.

Simu Liu O About Mental Health Amid MCU Popularity

Simu Liu, the lead star of the Legend of the Ten Rings, shared a touching tweet on his mental health to commemorate the anniversary of his and his MCU debut.

Liu first revealed thatShang-Chicompletely changed my life, describing it as an absolute best ride,while admitting that it also came at a significant cost:

This little film was released exactly one year ago and completely transformed my life. It's been nothing short of the finest ride yet after taking some time to reflect, I realize that this life also comes at a significant cost. I was suddenly thrust into a position I'd no business being in, and was woefully unprepared to deal with the mental consequences of a public life.

The MCU newcomer then noted that he didnt take the time necessary to check in with [himself] and prioritize [his] mental health while riding his success:

I felt like I was sabotaging my learning curve, despite all of my talk show appearances and interviews, but I was neglecting to take the time to check in with myself and prioritize my mental health.

Liu said that he shot four films during that timeframe and that he is currently shooting a fifth shortly afterwards. On top of that, the actor also wrote a memoir about his career and his life.

The star of TheKims Conveniencebreakout noted that he had reached a point where he worked himself to excesswhile taking the time to represent his community. However, Liu acknowledged that something has to change going forward:

I have completed four films, including my fifth, and am currently working on a memoir. I've had so much trouble breathing because I've been so afraid to take my foot off the gas. I was so obsessed with the idea of taking up space and representing my community that I quit almost myself to exhaustion.

Liu stated that he is in therapy to prioritize his health at the tail end of his caption, claiming that he is ready to becomesomething more than a superhero and a decent man.

The Barbie actor then advised fans to keep an eye on him since he will continue to enjoy what he loves for many many years to come.

Marvel Stars Are Doing the Right Thing for Mental Health

Simu Liu's first significant step in recovery is to acknowledge his mental health. It's hoped that this will have an impact on his recovery.

Many would agree that releasing a film during a health crisis to the actual pandemic itself is quite overwhelming and it might jeopardize anyone's mental health. AlthoughShang-Chigave Liu has many opportunities, his post appears to confirm that something is lacking, and that it might be inner peace.

The fact that he is now recovering is a good sign, and the actor might even assist others by taking the necessary steps to get back on track and prioritize their mental health. Lius' Instagram post is an eye-opener, and it might serve as a beacon for those who are lost or confused about how to take a step back and look at what's much more vital.

WhileMarvel Studios addressed the issue inMoon Knight, this isnt the first time MCU actors have addressed their mental health.

Tom Holland recently took a break from social media because he was overburdened with it, admitting that it is affecting his mental health. Sebastian Stan explained how mental health became a big part of his portrayal of Bucky in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Hopefully, more Marvel actors will join the fray and discuss how everyone may be able to do better at ensuring their mental health.