In She-Hulk Episode 4, who is the goat guy?

In She-Hulk Episode 4, who is the goat guy? ...

Well, the fourth episode of She-Hulks brought Wong back, and they did it with absolute sincerity, and well, Donny Blaze and Madisynn, who sold her soul to the Goat guy, added to the charm.

Who is Donny Blaze?

According to Wong, he is a delinquent Kamar Taj student who was dismissed mid-way, but he was allowed to keep his Kamar Taj accessories, which are now known as the sling ring.

Wong's favorite show has been pissed off by this, but Blaze discarded his last line of patience when he sent Madisynn to Wong's house, who gave out spoilers.

Donny Blaze allows Madisynn to meet Jake the Talking goat, also known as Jake the Goat Guy, while sending her off on her next interdimensional adventure.

Who is the Goat Guy?

As of now, we hear that he is a talking goat who has helped Madisynn get out of the rut she was caught in.

In the courtroom, we learn that Jake is also known by Donny Blazes' lawyer.

Were they talking about the same Jake, but whatever, why did they neglect to expose him?

Although we do not yet have specific reasons, he has made a blood deal with Madisynn. In another scene, we may also see her say that she sold her soul to him.

Madisynn making a friendship with a goat named Jake and Wong, trapping Donny in a mirror dimension throughout the episode, according to some fans.

Some theories have already begun, and supporters believe it was Mephisto who met Madisynn because, as we know, he is the one who can travel inter-dimensionally with ease, yet, we advise you to take this with a grain of salt because we are yet to discover how marvel will connect the dots.