In She-Hulk, what Wedding Is Wong Talking About?

In She-Hulk, what Wedding Is Wong Talking About? ...

Madisynn and Wong are a funny pair who prefer to get all pumped up over Sopranos rather than anything serious, but they lit up the whole episode with their binge-watching chemistry.

Every Marvel fan knows that there is no such thing as a coincidence when it comes to Marvel; whether it be from the much-talked Jhonny Blaze appearance to the racy Asgard on Earth remarks, it can cover the plots of films that were released a decade later in a simple scene.

Did any weddings happen in MCU?

We have been so busy fighting Aliens, Robots, Purple monsters, and Gods at times, that we didnt really want to do a wedding.

Pepper and Tony planned a fantastic wedding, and even though Tony wanted to escape the planning, things did not stop there.

Anyway, the name Tony Stark doesn't help to describe the agony we had with his death, doesn't it? We also know that Tony and Pepper did have a wedding and even had our adorable little Morgan around the time.

We know that Wong attended the wedding since he saved Tony from Cull Obsidian; after all, it takes zero commute time, so it shouldnt matter to him where the wedding took place.

Which wedding is Wong talking about?

Wong confesses that he will never drink Vodka and Yak Milk again in the end credits scene.

Wong responds that some of the bride's remains have been removed from the wedding. So, the immense curiosity in our brains as Marvel fans spur up about the wedding he is talking about.

So, for the time being, our guess is that he is talking about Tony and Pepper's wedding.