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Wallpapers for Kingdom Hearts ...

Kingdom Hearts is an iconic game series where Square Enix's action-packed, lore-driven worlds collide with your favourite Disney film's beautiful, beloved worlds. With bizarre and interesting characters, fast-paced combat, emotional lore, and stunning visuals, it's hard not to be swept up in the magic the moment you get your hands on a keyblade.

Come celebrate the magic with us by perusing our favourite Kingdom Hearts wallpapers. With both official artwork and some handmade artwork, there's bound to be something here that intrigues you. Take your phone and desktop out in style, and plunge headfirst into this enchanting world.

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Kingdom Hearts desktop wallpapers

Here are some of our top picks for Kingdom Hearts desktop wallpapers.

This one, while simple, should evoke some nostalgia among those of you who played Kingdom Hearts II when it was released in the early 2000s.

This enticing, elaborate design gives you a real sense of elegance while still expressing your love for KH.

The first of our KHIII wallpapers features some of the most famous Kingdom Hearts characters on a rich, galaxy background, and makes it difficult not to feel the magic, but it's also difficult to shake the desire to accompany them on the rooftops and enjoy a sea salt ice cream.

This is a action-packed photo that will get you pumped up and ready for another adventure in these magical worlds.

Terra, Ventus, and Aquas' sheer determination and tenacity are truly admirable, and they are sure to boost your productivity. No slacking with this trio around!

This wallpaper from the Final Mix reminisces about those days in the old school era. Even if Mickeys's aiming his keyblade towards you is a little threatening, it's still a great way to remember your childhood.

Roxas, a sleepy Roxas, lying in the shade. How tranquil.

Riku, who is somewhat less sleepy in the sky, appears to be threatening. Not that serene.

Ah! Angry Aqua in the Sky! Definitely not serene. Pretty though.

Aquas is so beautiful. Blue is definitely her color.

The fates of Sora and Kairis are forever linked, and seeing them again by the ocean, or sharing a paopu fruit in the shallows, brings such a soothing sensation of peace.

After the first game, they've come a long way, right? Still besties though. What a stunning and moving scene the contrast between the two halves is

Kingdom Hearts phone wallpapers

Sora makes friends everywhere he goes, even in the ocean. The majestic beauty of a water-Ariel really captures that sultry summer vibe that makes us want to go for a swim in the sun.

This watercolour portrait of Sora at the beach really gets us right in the feelings. It's so vibrant and whimsical, yet full of meaning.

This is a tad cute, as two halves make a whole.

Just two guys casually falling across the galaxy, Dream Drop Distance style. Have you noticed how often these guys fall?

This guy is serious about both defeating darkness and posing like a pro.

Aqua isn't a jerk. She's been through the shadow realm and she knows all your secrets.

Oh, he's lost all of his sleep again. Is it better to wake him up or something? Nah Lets leave him. He's so peaceful.

This action shot from Birth By Sleep has a lot of energy. Get those vibes going, those heartless butts will not kick themselves.

Kingdom Hearts wallpapers are fantastic, and they were such huge fans that it was quite difficult to narrow it down to these, especially if you're looking for more artistic inspiration from another beautiful adventure, check out our Genshin Impact wallpapers.