The Legend of Neverland Characters

The Legend of Neverland Characters ...

The Legend of Neverland is a magical mobile game that allows you to explore a vast and magical open world at any time, anywhere. However, there are also plenty of baddies to be beaten up in the world, so you probably want to know what characters you can play as in order to keep them at bay.

In this The Legend of Neverland character guide, we take a look at the various villains you can play as and what their roles are out on the battlefield. We also look at all of the Legend of Neverlands flower fairy companions, with a little insight into their personalities and characteristics.

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The Legend of Neverland characters

The Legend of Neverland character can be changed and made up of any number of ways you choose. (Or classes, if you will) Choosing a different character can dictate which abilities and abilities you may use. But dont worry if you can't choose.

Here are four different types of characters from The Legend of Neverland.

The gladiator is currently the only melee character you can play in the game. They are quite tough, as is necessary when you're always right in the heat of the battle. They have the potential to inflict AoE damage and stun nearby enemies.

Rangers are extremely agile fighters, capable of eliminating adversaries from a distance with their bow. They also have a super powerful DoT that they can utilize most of their abilities.

Scholars are long-range fighters with power over magic. Like mages in other games, they use spells to launch fireballs, lightning, ice, and more against their foes. They also have the potential to deplete some pretty powerful AoEs and utility.

Craftsmen are alchemists who wield large, steampunk-style revolvers. They use the four-element ability to deal huge amounts of damage, and they can both knockback and apply debuffs to opponents with their skills.

The Legend of Neverland flower fairies

A flower fairy is a special companion that accompanyes you on your journey in The Legend of Neverland, which also has specific benefits. Here are some of the most popular flower fairy types available in the game.


Twins that may appear similar, but who have very different personalities. Each has a valued musical instrument that they always have to hand.


Camellia is an elegant lady, if you can't tell from her eyes. She's very nice and kind, but she's also concerned about the way others judge her.


Lilium, a believer with a warm smile and a brave heart, believes strongly in family.

A Burning Heart

Anthurium can be a bit deterrent and standoffish, though he may be handsome. He is said to like wine more than anything else in life.

Dangerous Romance

Oleander may be dangerous, but she is also very kind. As a tough-minded and independent creature, she never refuses to reciprocate.


Candock is rarely seen out of the water, much like a water lily. She rarely meets new people, and she is unconcerned about humankind.

Love that is bleak

Balloon Flower is a very driven and trustworthy person who is also an excellent, action-oriented companion. She prioritizes loyalty above justice, so she rarely resists doing bad things.

The Rainbow Envoy is on the way.

Iris is very gentle and considerate, although her past is largely unknown. She loves to dress and cook.


Gladiolus is a little girl with a big temper. While she has a strong sense of justice, she has no self-restraint when it comes to tasty foods.

Uninhibited Heart

Primrose is a kind and considerate person, although she can be shy and hesitant. She has missed out on opportunities in the past.

The Return of Happiness

Nymphea, who is innocent and sensitive, often uses brutal words and a sarcastic demeanour to hide her loneliness.


Ajisai may appear innocent, but she's actually an explosion expert with a strong sense of curiosity. She's always eager to make a difference to those around her.

Meet the people of New York City.

Cornflower is an alchemist who claims to shun love and prefers to fly solo, always working alone when possible.


Marigold suffers from chronic mishaps and always bears a hint of sadness.

For the time being, here's what we know about all of The Legend of Neverlands characters and flower fairies. While you're here, check out our list of the best mobile MMORPGs today.