Artifacts from the 2nd Risk of Rain

Artifacts from the 2nd Risk of Rain ...

Risk of Rain 2 is a third-person roguelike game that has been praised for its unique gameplay and wide array of items, equipment, and modifiers that make two runs unique. This exciting sense of variety is the main reason why we return every time, putting our strength to the test again and again.

Risk of Rain 2 artifacts are a great way to up your game and keep it fresh. They can make dramatic changes to your run and how you play it, either swaying the game in your favor or making it more difficult for you and your pals, or both.

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What are Risk of Rain 2 artifacts?

All of the Artifacts you and your teammates have unlocked in Risk of Rain 2 are pooled, and you may enable any one you want as you see fit.

How do I unlock Risk of Rain 2 artifacts?

The first step in unlocking a Risk of Rain 2 artifact is to input an artifact code at the Sky Meadow through the Compound Generator shown below the map. After this, a portal opens up that takes you to the artifacts' specific trial in Bulwarks Ambry. The Compound Generator cycles between square, circle, triangle, and diamond inputs.

The artifact you're aiming to unloack is activated at the start of the run, along with any artifacts you've enabled at the start of the run. An artifact key spawns on an elevated block, which you need to pick up and use to interact with the artifact reliquary, triggering monsters to spawn and it's time to get fightin.

As monsters die, some drop more artifact keys. Using these artifact keys removes them from all player inventories, preventing anyone from hoarding keys.

Once you've killed all of the baddies and destroyed the artifact reliquary, you may claim the artifact you've been fighting for and return to the initial stage.

What are all the Risk of Rain 2 artifacts?

Artifact of ChaosFriendly fire is enabled for everyone including both survivors and monsters
Artifact of CommandYou can choose your items
Artifact of deathWhen one player dies, everyone dies the true test of both teamwork and individual skill
Artifact of DissonanceMonsters can now appear outside of their usual environments
Artifact of EnigmaYou spawn with a random piece of equipment that changes every time you activate it
Artifact of EvolutionMonsters now gain items between stages
Artifact of FrailtyFall damage is doubled, and lethal
Artifact of GlassAll allies deal an additional 500% damage, but only have 10% health
Artifact of HonorAll enemies spawn as elites
Artifact of KinOnly one type of monster spawns per stage
Artifact of MetamorphosisPlayers always spawn as a random survivor
Artifact of SacrificeMonsters always drop an item on death, but chests no longer spawn
Artifact of SoulWisps now emerge from defeated monsters
Artifact of SpiteEnemies drop multiple explosive bond when they die
Artifact of SwarmsDouble the amount of monsters spawn, but they their health is halved
Artifact of VengeanceYour relentless doppelganger invades every ten minutes

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