Colab guide for HoloCure

Colab guide for HoloCure ...

Collabs arent just about seeing your favorite characters hanging out, conversing, and playing games. Theyre also about enhancing your own game by creating a bunch of super-OP and unique weapons.

We cover everything you need to know about HoloCure collabs, as well as highlighting all of the different ones you can snag, as well as what weapons you will need to master to create them. Whether youre looking to savor the thrill of BL Fujoshi, Dragon Fire, or the power of Elite Cooking, weve got you covered.

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What are HoloCure collabs?

Collabs (short for collaborations) are one of the hidden mechanics that make the game so unique and enjoyable. A collab allows you to combine two high-level weapons into one powerful weapon. However, you cant use unique starter weapons like the Guras trident in collabs.

How do I craft HoloCure collabs?

To forge a collab, you simply need to stand beside a golden anvil and pick two component weapons that are level seven or higher. These weapons currently do not appear in the rotation during the same run again!

Once you have created a collab weapon, it is treated as a max level weapon, meaning that you may only enhance it further by using an anvil. Due to the fact that you only have five weapon slots at the same time, you can only have a maximum of four collab weapons on your belt at the same time.

All HoloCure collabs

Below are a list of all of the HoloCure collab weapons and the components you need to combine in order to make them.

HoloCure collabRequired components
Breathe-In Type AsacocoHolo Bomb and Plug Type Asacoco
BL FujoshiBL Book and Psycho Axe
Dragon FirePlug Type Asacoco and Fan Beam
Elite CookingElite Lava Bucket and Spider Cooking
Flattening BoardHolo Bomb and Cutting Board
Idol ConcertGlowstick and Idol Song
Light BeamGlowstick and Fan Beam
MiCometElite Lava Bucket and Psycho Axe

HoloCure collabs are covered in this article, so get yours now and choose a new fight.