The Holocure tier list may be seen here

The Holocure tier list may be seen here ...

Vtubers are truly sweeping the world by storm, and if you're ever caught up in the storm, you're probably familiar with Hololive and the popular fan game, HoloCure. This adorable free gacha RPG has 11 Hololive characters to collect, each with unique abilities and attacks to help you survive and save all of the fans.

Its can be difficult to pin down who is the best in this particular group, because each of them has its own playstyle and talents. Thats where our Holocure tier list comes in! Weve ranked every Hololive character available in the current demo, so you can bash those baddies and beat your way to the top.

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Nun, onto the list!

HoloCure tier list

TierHolocure character
SNanashi Mumei, Gawr Gura
ATsukomo Sana, Hakos Baelz
BCeres Fauna, IRyS, Ouro Kronii, Ninomae Inanis, Takanashi Kiara
cMori Kalliope, Amelia Watson

How do I perform a HoloCure reroll?

As the game and the in-game currency are entirely free, and there are currently only 11 characters, rerolling the standard gacha reroll isn't very worthwhile. However, if you want to try your luck again, you may remove the app data in your phone settings and reinstall the game completely fresh.

The in-game store has a reroll button, but this does not reroll your gacha pulls and currency. Instead, it resets the list of four randomly selected upgrades you get through leveling up. The shop upgrades add additional rerolls up to a maximum of three per run.

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