The greatest zombie games on Switch and mobile

The greatest zombie games on Switch and mobile ...

Can we all agree that zombies are cool? We can. The horror genre is by far one of the most popular out there, whether it's zombies, monsters, psychological thrills, supernatural spooks, or some other sub-genre. I am unable to think of a more popular sub-category.

We were all fascinated by zombies for some reason, and have been since, well, forever at this point. In terms of games, we have titles such as Resident Evil to credit for the substantial increase in zombie popularity. Not to mention, few things are as satisfying as bashing these reanimated corpses in the head with a blunt object. So, with that in mind, we joined the walking dead, looking for the finest zombie games on Switch and mobile.

If zombie-slaying or horror of any kind isnt for you (were no longer friends), please take your way to the exit, where you can find lists full of unicorns, rainbows, and sunshine. Okay, maybe thats an exaggeration, but our picks for the best Mario games, Disney games, and games like Stardew Valley are all delightful and wonderful.

Here are our picks for the best zombie games on Switch and mobile.

The Best zombie games

When you combine zombie games with puzzle games, you get Puzzles & Survival, a game that takes the main idea of Puzzles & Dragons but gives it a new zombielicious twist.

Puzzles & Survival is a game that focuses on moving tiles around in order to match colors, and rewards for forming combinations as you shift them around. When you match up, your character will be able to defend itself against zombies as they traverse the ruinous remains of civilization.

Yeah, we were starting out like that. You have a beloved yet horrifying franchise to thank for the popularity of survival horror and zombies. Without the horrifying, dismantled, yet majestic mansion, you would not have The Evil Within, Outlast, Parasite, and Dead Space, the latter of which is basically Resident Evil in space.

The Spencer Mansion is a guest house in Resident Evil. There are puzzles to solve, items to discover, and, of course, many zombies to kill. Both campaigns feature Chris or Jill, two of the most well-known villains in horror film.

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A virus has swept over Harran, and now you discover yourself trapped there. Undead wander the streets by day, and despicable abominations are out at night. It is a playground for zombie lovers, and a place to discover, while also featuring a story that puts your moral compass to the test.

Leon, how we miss you. Still, we can always savor the emo badass in Resident Evil 6. This is a list about zombies rather than deranged villagers (and, should I ever go down that rabbit hole, I promise to put RE4 at the top).

Since I have already mentioned two games from the Resident Evil franchise, I will not attempt to include any more here (though Resident Evil Revelations 1 and 2 are fantastic). However, I will direct you to our list of the greatest Resident Evil games on Switch, which includes plenty of survival horror.

No list of zombie games would be complete without mentioning good ol Stubbs. Hes a jerk who is attempting to live his finest zombie existence, and he's here for it. In this zombtastic game, you play as Stubbs the Zombie, who is primarily interested in retaliating for humans and transforming the victim into a zombie.

If all of this isnt enough for you, how about the fact that Stubbs can drive automobiles? That's right, its a grand theft zombie meme.

Telltales The Walking Dead is a horrific journey, with its fair share of heartbreaking moments, thanks to the hordes of ravenous zombies that roam the streets. However, don't expect too much zombie-slaying action as you strive to live another day.

Lee Everett, the protagonist you play as in the first game, but this changes to Clementine, your beloved sidekick in the sequels. This is her story, for all intents and purposes, and the choices you make across all series determine how her tale ends.

Plants vs Zombies is a fun, colorful, and funny game that players may be proud of. The title itself says it all, and the game is always fun to play.

The best zombie games on Switch and mobile. Now, why not stop by the Winchester, grab a pint, and wait for all of this to blow over with our lists of the best games like Dark Souls, Hades, and games like The Last of Us.