How To Raise Friendship Fast In Disney Dreamlight Valley

How To Raise Friendship Fast In Disney Dreamlight Valley ...

If you want to keep moving quickly, learning how to build friendship in Disney Dreamlight Valley is crucial. Discovering new areas outside the meadow requires you to achieve at least rank five in your relationship with three villagers.

Increased friendship with Mickey and the gang helps you discover new character quests, allowing you to get to know the folks of Dreamlight Valley even better and learn some useful recipes in the process.

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Dreamlight Valley may have been a bit more unstable on Switch following the launch day update. Always save your files before you put your system in sleep mode because there's a good chance the software will crash when you wake it up again.

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In Disney Dreamlight Valley, how do you build friendship fast?

When you chat with your neighbors every day, you may notice the green banner that says new! on the present icon. It's just a reminder that the characters' preferred presents have changed with each new day.

When you select a present to give, every character has three gifts that they would like to receive each day. Display them in the lower right corner of the screen.

Giving them gives you a significant friendship bonus, usually enough to fill the friendship meter by at least half.

The other two are in our opinion so far rarer items or materials related to a specific domain, such as oysters. Don't expect to get your hands on these for a while.

The reward is only awarded the first time you give the preferred present on a given day. If you give it again, the game treats it like a normal present.

While you're doing your dailies, ask your chosen pal to stay up to date. Any task completed while you're hanging out with a character gives you a little boost in friendship, so its a great way to help boost your rank.

Make sure you concentrate on the activity your chosen friend is specialized in: mining, fishing, or whatever you choose. It's not as lucrative as gifting their favorite items that day, but it's a decent incentive to increase their ranks.

This is something you'll likely do in the future, but it's worthwhile to mention. Whenever you've got a character quest to complete, make sure you do it. Apart from unlocking new recipes, finishing these quests gives you a significant friendship bonus.

Building friendship levels in Disney Dreamlight Valley is just one of the ways you can spend your time. If youre just getting started, check out our Dreamlight Valley beginners guide for additional information.

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