These Switch Magazine Ads Inspired by the '00s Are Making Us Feel Nostalgic

These Switch Magazine Ads Inspired by the '00s Are Making Us Feel Nostalgic ...

Remember game magazines? Remember how fantastic they were? Yes, a few of them are still knocking around today in the United Kingdom; we've got the likes of Edge, Wireframe, Retro Gamer, and Switch Player to name a few; however, for those who grew up in the 1980s, 1990s, and '00s, magazines like NGamer, CVG, and Mean Machines were the absolute bee's knees.

These video game commercials were more than just a collection of key images and be done with it; they were also funny, often with sellotape used to highlight several images on top of each other to make an impression of what a given game might look like.

Kemmo (@Kemmo_Ado) has done with his rather delightful Switch commercials for Splatoon 3, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and Metroid Dread. By opting for the rather simple yet brilliant "Who Are You," the ads effectively combine key art from the respective games into real-life situations - so for example, you've got poor Samus laying in bed while one of the deadly E.M.I robots hides underneath - amazing stuff!

Check it out:

It's pretty cool, right? It's making us all warm and fuzzy inside with nostalgia; and what is this salty discharge coming from our eyes? Ahh, we miss the days when gaming magazines were all the rage! One user even created their own version of Super Mario Odyssey, using Kemmo as an inspiration!

Kemmo for allowing us to share his work; be sure to check out his twitter page for more information!

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