Three Story Paths for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Have Been Revealed

Three Story Paths for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Have Been Revealed ...

After much discussion about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's many-path possibilities, today's trailer has clarified some of the story elements that we can expect to see in the game, and revealed that the three different paths are just that: different paths.

The Paldea region will not be governed by the strict move from Gym A to Gym B, with the teaser giving us a taste of what the three narratives will encompass.

So let's go down everything we know so far about the various paths, as well as outline the kinds of difficulties you will face along the way...

Victory Road

The 'Victory Road' route is perhaps the most common gameplay structure for a Pokemon game, but would it be a Pokemon game without it?

You'll take part in Paldea's eight gyms to become a Champion-Ranked trainer in this story. There are a few new features here that are bound to make things a little more interesting.

The most prominent of these is the recently launched 'Gym Test,' also known as 'The First Trail of the Gyms.' This challenge will be unique to each gym, with the one shown in the trailer seeing your trainer running around town searching for Sunflora. Only once you have completed the Gym Test will you be able to take on the town's gym and its leader, so this introduction will keep you going throughout Paldea's urban areas in a similar manner as other regions have gone previously

Path of Legends

The second storyline that you will have the option to play, 'Path of Legends,' will see you embark on a quest to discover Herba Mystica, a rare health-restoring herb native to Paldea.

Are you looking for a bit of gardening that doesn't seem like a lot of a task? Well, hang on, these herbs are fiercely guarded by Titan Pokemon who don't appear to be giving up without a fight.

'Path of Legends' pits you against huge Pokemon to further your research and discover a side of Paldea that isn't that full of gym talk.

Starfall Street

The third and final quest for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is a trip down 'Starfall Street.'

As you do, this path will have you defeating annoying students who appear to have built a home for themselves in the hills of the region.

This storyline splits the group up into different teams, each commanded by a truck-riding boss. Mela (below), who enthused us with some sort of Mad Max fever fantasy, first defeat all the students and then move on to the next task.

Three different stories to consider, as well as a brand new region to explore! We had expected that Victory Road and a Team Rocket replacement would be likely to make an appearance, although the Path of Legends has us prepared for some herb hunting.

Which path will you choose to follow first? Share your journey in the comments below!

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