The European region has announced a new limited-time Pokemon Sword And Shield distribution

The European region has announced a new limited-time Pokemon Sword And Shield distribution ...

Generation IX might be on the way, but Pokemon Trainers around the world are still catching and battling 'em all in Pokemon Sword & Shield, and it looks like Europe, in particular, will need to return to Galar again to get some new Pokemon added to their 'dex.'

Serebii has shared details of a brand new distribution event that will take place across Europe tomorrow, 9th September, and until the 30th of September. Sword & Shield Trainers will be able to receive codes for three Mythical Pokemon Genesect, Volcanion, and Marshadow.

All three Pokemon may be purchased at various retail stores across the continent, and don't worry, you'll only need three separate bits of paper, as all three codes will be given to you on one handy card!

Details are still being worked out regarding where to get their codes (thanks again, Serebii! ), but here's a list of the stores we've known so far (and update you as soon as we get more information):

  • UK - GAME
  • France - Micromania
  • Netherlands/Belgium - GameMania

Three pretty rare Pokemon up for grabs, anyway! These codes might well be worth picking up even if you're not playing Sword & Shield, so you can always load them onto your game, and hopefully, Scarlet & Violet will be able to utilize them.

Will you be using these codes again? Let us know in the comments!


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