'Vodeo Games,' a studio created by Beast Breaker, is out of funds and is shut down

'Vodeo Games,' a studio created by Beast Breaker, is out of funds and is shut down ...

Vodeo Games, the creator of Beast Breaker, has announced that it would be shut down if it fails to obtain the necessary funding to keep its team together.

Vodeo Games said that "despite a year of diligent effort, we have failed to secure publisher and investor funding for our next project" and that "there will be no Vodeo without our amazing team." The studio's last efforts will go into securing a Steam release for Beast Breaker in the hope that this will continue to support the team members as they go their separate ways.

Vodeo Games is well-known for becoming the first certified game studio union in North America back in December 2021, which is now known as Vodeo Workers United. The union's own Twitter page stated that the studio was in the process of bargaining, but that it had decided to stop it after recognizing that the studio was no longer financially viable.

It's a sad conclusion, and it certainly demonstrates how unpredictable the game industry can be, especially for smaller companies. We reviewed Beast Breaker back in October 2021 and gave it a stellar 9/10, stating that although it may be small, it proves to be exceptionally effective at what it promises to do.

We wish each and every team member at Vodeo Games the very best of luck in the future here at Nintendo Life.

What do you think of Vodeo Games' decision to close? Have you played Beast Breaker yet? Let us know in the comments.

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