After Dune's failure, Kyle MacLachlan says, I was a pah in Hollywood

After Dune's failure, Kyle MacLachlan says, I was a pah in Hollywood ...

Kyle MacLachlan considered his professional career to be done after Dune.

When it failed to meet its budget and was condemned by critics, the 1984 sci-fi film directed by David Lynch was deemed a disaster.

During the Criterion Collection Closet Picks series, Dune didnt really turn out to be that great. In fact, after that, I kind of felt like a pariah in business. No work, no nothing.

Lynch has long been open about his dislike of the film, which means he certainly did not see Denis Villeneuves' version in 2019. I do not have complete creative control, I didnt have it. The film isn't the one I would have made had I had that final control. It's a bit of a sadness.

Lynch gave MacLachlan the script for Blue Velvet while filming Dune in Mexico City, and they found satisfaction in their next project.

I saw it, and I was like, Wow. This is a very intense film. MacLachlan explained that she liked it and that she identified with the character Jeffrey. But when Dune failed, they postponed shooting it, and things happened, and finally Blue Velvet came to an end in the summer of 85 in Wilmington, North Carolina. It was Dennis Hopper, Isabella Rossellini, Laura Dern, and myself.

Blue Velvet was a complete different experience for MacLachlan. He could have said, I know Kyle, but he didn't really help the film, and so I'll find another person. He wanted me. And I'll be forever grateful.

MacLachlan went on to star in Twin Peaks, among other projects, but his participation in Blue Velvet also had a significant impact on his professional choices. Before James Spader was cast in his place, the actor revealed that he declined starring in Steven Soderberghs Sex, Lies, and Videotape.

MacLachlan said I was going to take part in this, but it did not end up happening. I thought Spader was wonderful. He was fantastic and perfect. I love Steven.

MacLachlan confessed to SFGate in 2004 that he thought the Sex, Lies, and Videotape roles were too similar to his roles in Blue Velvet, and that he was afraid of being stereotyped. Lynchs profound impact on MacLachlans career is something he continues to cherish today.

MacLachlan shared that David and I had a long collaboration. I cherish that connection and consider myself to be extremely fortunate to have worked with him so frequently. It's not work at all, it's just playtime.

Check out the below video to see MacLachlans impersonating Lynch's famous voice, as well as see how Anthony Hopkins has the best impression of the Elephant Man director.

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