Natasha Lyonne and Maya Rudolph star in the first All-Women Metal Band in Lebanon's Sirens trailer

Natasha Lyonne and Maya Rudolph star in the first All-Women Metal Band in Lebanon's Sirens trailer ...

Are you ready to rock?

Sirens, a Sundance award-winning documentary, is directed by Rita Baghdadi, who tells the tale of Lebanon's first all-female metal band, Slave to Sirens. The film is executive-produced by Natasha Lyonne and Maya Rudolph, and explores the bands friendships, relationships, and sometimes self-destruction in the pursuit of rock stardom.

Lilas and her thrash metal bandmates Shery, Maya, Alma, and Tatyana (Slave to Sirens) are both on the verge of disaster. At the same time, the complicated relationship between Lilas and her fellow guitarist Shery starts to tense. She must decide what kind of leader she will be, not only for her band, but also for each of the Sirens themselves in Lebanon.

The Lyonne and Rudolphs Animal Pictures production company, together with Danielle Renfrew Behrens, is also the brain behind Loot, Russian Doll, and Rian Johnsons next Peacock series Poker Face.

Baghdadi, the director, producer, and cinematographer, was inspired to tell the Sirens' tale after seeing how Arab people were depicted onscreen. The whole MENA region was labeled as enemy territory, according to Baghdadi in a statement on the film.

Baghdadi discovered the music of Slave to Sirens in 2018 and soon became friends with Lilas, who encouraged her to change the image of Arab women for the time being.

Baghdadi described the prospect of introducing Arab women to the world of the present, without being sexualized. I knew that the best way to challenge Western expectations about what it means to be a young woman growing up in the Middle East today was to depict her as one who is human, full of dreams, and driven by desire.

Baghdadi concluded, "Dont try to change the world," a mentor once told me, "Make a film that will transform your life." That certainly was the case with Sirens.

Jude Dry gave the documentary an A- rating, claiming that the feature is a powerful reminder that punk isn't dead if you know where to look.

Sirens will be released on September 30.

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