Out of respect, the Crown will postpone filming following Queen Elizabeth II's death

Out of respect, the Crown will postpone filming following Queen Elizabeth II's death ...

Following the sudden death of Queen Elizabeth II, the Crown has been put on hold.

The Crown's creator issued a statement following the queen's death on September 8 at the age of 96.

Morgan wrote, via Deadline, that the Crown is a love letter to her, and that I have nothing to add for the time being, except silence and respect. I predict we will stop filming out of respect as well.

The Crown's next Season 5 is expected to be released on Netflix this November. Claire Foy, Olivia Colman, and Imelda Staunton have played the late ruler. Staunton has portrayed the monarch for the first time, with other new cast members joining the cast.

The Emmy-winning series had a rough patch during production earlier this year, with 150,000, or $201,000, worth of props taken, including a replica of a Faberge coach egg, jewelry, and antiques.

Stephen Daldry, the director of The Crown, stated earlier that production of the series would resume until the queen's death.

Daldry told Deadline in 2016 that it would be appropriate and proper to pay respect to the Queen. She is a global figure and thats what we should do. She is an extraordinary woman and people will be irritated.

Morgan, the series' creator, who also penned Oscar-winning The Queen with Helen Mirren in the lead role, told IndieWire in 2020 that Queen Elizabeth II is a mother to the country.

Morgan said that she wants a father who is considerate and reassuring. When it has felt impossible to have any confidence in our political class during our schizophrenic Brexit debate, the country has felt rudderless and unhinged. It has been unsettling for everybody psychologically and emotionally.

Morgan said of the queen, She is a constant, not just in your life, but there is no person in the United Kingdom who has not had her as the head of state for the entirety of their life. She ties generations together.