Kaley Cuoco Rescues Pete Davidson in a Time-Traveling Rom-Com in Meet Cute Trailer

Kaley Cuoco Rescues Pete Davidson in a Time-Traveling Rom-Com in Meet Cute Trailer ...

Through endless starts to a new romance with Pete Davidson, Kaley Cuoco has perfected the meet-cute.

Meet Cute, a time-traveling romantic comedy starring The Flight Attendant Emmy nominee Cuoco, takes a dark turn when Sheila admits in the teaser that she has to kill herself to not exist in the same timeline as Gary (Davidson), and that she desires to remove Garys agonizing trauma to find him the perfect partner.

Sheila and Gary meet at the first sight of excitement until we realize that their magical date wasn't fate at all. They've been falling in love over and over again since. But when the perfect night doesn't arrive, Sheila travels to Garys past to transform him into the perfect man.

Meet Cute is directed by Alex Lehmann (Acidman), with Davidson and Cuoco serving as executive producers, along with Blair Ward, Art Robinson, Anders Erden, Sara Shaak, Jonathan Taylor, Simon Fawcett, Martin Sprock, Brian OShea, Nat McCormick, Caddy Vanasirikul, Galen Smith, Marc Danon, Noga Pnueli, Julia Kroll, Monte Lipman, Dana Sano, and Ali Jazayer

Noga Pnueli, a screenwriter, is also a executive producer.

Dan Reardo, Akiva Goldsman, Rachel Reznick Wizenberg, Gregory Lessans, Santosh Govindaraju, and others directed the film.

Cuoco previously dubbed Meet Cute the most magical little story and revealed that she became very good friends with Davidson while filming in New York City. In Role Play, Cuoco will play David Oyelowo, Connie Nielsen, and Bill Nighy, as well as an anticipated Flight Attendant.

Davidson, the co-star of Cuocos, will direct Peacock day-in-the-life series Bupkis, along with Edie Falco and Joe Pesci. The star of Bodies Bodies Bodies is set to appear in Wizards!, The Home, and Craig Gillespies' GameStop biopic Dumb Money.

On Peacock, Meet Cute will be released on September 21.

Check out the teaser below.