Daniel Radcliffe on Working with Weird Al Yankovic: I Don't Need Anything Else

Daniel Radcliffe on Working with Weird Al Yankovic: I Don't Need Anything Else ...

Weird will rule the world. Thats the vibe on the red carpet at the Toronto International Film Festivals opening night premiere of Eric Appel's debut feature Weird: The Al Yankovic Story.

Daniel Radcliffe of IndieWire said the unapologetic biopic spoof isn't a film where we expect you to sit down and consider the consequences. It's about leaning into your own weirdness as a way of finding your own happiness.

The semi-true story of Yankovics' transformation from a polka-playing outcast to a pop culture satirist selling out stadiums began as a fake trailer for FunnyOrDie.com in 2010 that starred Aaron Paul as Weird Al, alongside Radcliffe, who played Al. Appel expanded the viral two-minute parody into a full film with Funny or Die and Tango producing.

[Yankovic] is so genuinely himself, and that had led to this wonderful film, as well as his incredible career, Radcliffe continued.

Rainn Wilson as Dr. Demento as broadcaster on Roku November 4, and Quinta Brunson and Toby Huss as Yankovic's pearl-clumping parents, Nick and Mary, as a reaction to the film.

Wood continued: Ive known Madonna before. Weve been very friendly. So I think we were cool. Im hoping they were. And the good news is, nothing in this film actually happened, so I'm a little safe there.

Yankovic played a nonplussed music executive in Appel's original sketch and almost certainly makes a surprise appearance in the film. If given the opportunity, Yankovic replied to IndieWire: I would write a song about Daniel Radcliffe because he's amazing!

Radcliffe says the thing that we worked on the most was the accordion. He gave me some accordion training, which is something I can carry to my grave if I had that moment.

The Al Yankovic Story is the first film in the TIFFs annual Midnight Madness line-up, which this year will feature 10 films at the Royal Alexandra Theaters, including: Ti Wests Pearl, Jaume Balagueros Venus, John Hyams Sick, Vera Drews The Peoples Joker, Tim Storys The Blackening, and Martika Ramirez Escobars Leonor Will Never Die.

Vincent Perella reports on the Weird: The Al Yankovic Story below.