Barbarian Review: In A Very Bonkers And Brutal Way

Barbarian Review: In A Very Bonkers And Brutal Way ...

If the Airbnb you booked was already occupied by a complete stranger, what would you do? Most of us would find a place else to stay the night, and under the house there was a basement that became deeper and grimmer as the night progressed? It's time to turn back, not walk through it, right? Despite our own awareness that the heroine is putting herself in the center of a classic horror film, Zach Creggers Barbarian is not the conventional genre feature advertised as

Barbarian's opening scenes will lull experienced horror seekers with a sense of relief. However, the film has the upper hand. It knows just what lullaby to sing to enthusiasts of the genre to enthuse them before demanding its terrifying (and completely bizarre) conclusion, which will be kept as a secret in this spoiler-free review.

This wild horror ride is best entered blind.

If you allow Barbarian to be a complete surprise, youll be on the ride that was designed for your audience. Its a great platform for viewer participation. Georgina Campbells Tess is a wonderful artist.

Due to clever marketing, there are multiple narrative threads that you aren't aware of until the end of the film. For example, horror veteran Justin Long (Jeepers Creepers and Tusk) enters the film from a completely different viewpoint and plays a major role. Bill Skarsgard additionally steals scenes as the stranger staying at the Airbnb that sets up the film itself.

Barbarian is a wild horror adventure that feels specially suited for avid fans of the genre who are looking for new twists and turns and uncomfortable moments in a genre that is currently flooded with many franchise revivals and high-brow horror movies.

Barbarian walks a fine line between terror and vengeance.

Barbarian has a disturbing and brutal villain to reveal, but it also cleverly delineates some of its tension with comedic moments that are pulled off through a script that is honest to the viewer and allows for some push and pull between the gruesome parts of the film and some social commentary without much seriousness.

Barbarian has some silly aspects that aren't allowed to follow the horror/comedy line with ease. However, it's the kind of film you want to see with people, which will create its own experience. They don't require deep, critical thinking or require you to pay attention to symbolism, like other 2022 genre films like Jordan Peele's Nope and Alex Garland's Men.

Barbarian takes this subject matter to a new level of absurdity, while making some funny jokes.

Zach Creggers, a writer/director, has made a bold and confident debut.

Zach Cregger hasn't had a rodeo for the past fifteen years, mostly in comedy, but this is his first time in the horror industry. The film is engaging, fun, bonkers, and strange, and it shows confidence to instill an original concept out of left field that will make you feel like you deserve an I survived sticker when you leave.