Jennette McCurdy, an ex-Nickelodeon star, shared a wildly abusive mother email ahead of her death

Jennette McCurdy, an ex-Nickelodeon star, shared a wildly abusive mother email ahead of her death ...

Jennette McCurdy, a former Nickelodeon star, is on a whole different level in terms of promoting her controversial memoir Im Glad My Mom Died and articulating its significance. And of all the disturbing information that has emerged from it so far, Debbie sent a particularly disturbing email.

Jennette McCurdy appeared on the latest premiere episode of Facebook Watchs hit talk show Red Table Talk, where she talked about her traumatic childhood with hosts Jada Pinkett Smith, Willow Smith, and Adrienne Banfield Norris. Some of the stories that McCurdy shared were quoted directly from the memoirs text, which she claims to have received in August 2012.

Dear Net, I'm so sorry for you. You used to be my perfect little angel, but now you are nothing more than a slut, a FLOOZY, ALL USED UP. And to think - you wasted it on that evil OGRE of a man. I saw you rubbing his disgusting hairy stomach. You're also quite pudgier.

Jennette McCurdy stated that she understood why her mother was approving of her daughter's romantic interests during the Red Table Talk segment.

This particular email has remained, as did Debbie McCurdy's inflammatory remarks about her daughter:

I'm sick. Sick. Thinking of you with his ding dong inside of you makes me sick. I raised you better than this. What happened to my wonderful little girl? Where did she go? Who is this MONSTER who has replaced her? You're an ugly MONSTER now, Mom. (or should I say DEB because I no longer your mother)

If you thought that the Red Table Talk host made someone gasp, you're not alone; it took both of the hosts aback. It's unsurprising to think that someone could still be so resentful after uttering so many insults just prior. Secondly, given everything else that Jennette McCurdy has said about her childhood and her mother's behavior, rude emails are probably on the lighter side.

Jennette McCurdy departed from the world of acting in the following years due to her familial situation, eating disorders, and other issues, as well as her negative experiences at Nickelodeon and beyond. She also released her insightful podcast Empty Inside in 2020, the same year she decided not to return to television for the iCarly reboot opposite Miranda Cosgrove. (As did Ariana Grande, though in an admittedly less-than-positive light.)

Im Glad My Mom Died is available at bookstores and other shops everywhere, and Red Table Talk releases new episodes on Facebook Watch every Wednesday at 12:00 p.m. ET. Check out our 2022 TV premiere schedule to see what other new and returning shows will debut soon.