Mike Wolfe, a professional picker, has shared a sweet message with his latest road trip companion: his mother

Mike Wolfe, a professional picker, has shared a sweet message with his latest road trip companion: h ...

After his previous partner Frank Fritz's departure, American Pickers star Mike Wolfe is known to go on road trips with a pal or two. Then, there's his dog, Francie, who makes for a cute road-tripping companion. This week, the reality added another passenger seat partner: his mother.

Wolfe chose his mother Rita for their trip in a vintage automobile. You can see the sweet post he shared on his Instagram Story below.

The two experienced a bit of a rough weather patch during their journey to Bellevue, Iowa, but that didn't deter their enjoyment. In fact, he said his mom was patient throughout the storm and shared a photo of some of the bad weather they encountered on the road.

Rita and Mike have been seen doing public activities together in the past. Even though Wolfe has been hesitant to disclose a lot of his dating activities following his separation from Jodi Faeth, there were photos taken during a celebration near and around Le Claire, Iowa, where Wolfe resides.

Mikes mom isnt the only adorable partner he's brought on the road in recent months, as previously mentioned. The man spends a lot of time in his car, and he often has another adorable road tripping companion with him (No, not Robbie...)

Mike Wolfe's canine pal Francie is often mentioned in his social media feeds, as well as with other family members during the long holiday weekend. So man's best friend and man's best mother were both there.

Mike and Robbie are currently traveling with the show to try and find the finest finds. Frank Fritzs departure still looms, particularly considering Fritz's recent stroke and hospitalization. There's been some disagreement with American Pickers supporters, especially from the former Pickers star, who claims to be unconcerned about Wolfe's stroke news.

After a drop in the ratings following Frank Fritz's departure, there has been an upswing for Pickers' numbers recently, although it is worthwhile to mention the program was canceled over the Labor Day weekend. Probably a good decision, as a lot of people were on the road, including Mike Wolfe and his mother.