Kevin Costner of Yellowstone has bad news for fans who anticipate John and Jamie to mend their relationship in Season 5

Kevin Costner of Yellowstone has bad news for fans who anticipate John and Jamie to mend their relat ...

The final details on the huge Season 5 premiere of Yellowstones are still relatively scarce, but we do know that Kelly Reillys Beth Dutton will be fine early on, since her iron thumbs are once again pressing against the carotid arteries of brother Jamie, which clearly fits right into Beth's vengeful playbook. Is it perhaps, by-miracle, that Jamie could restore Johns good side for at least a few minutes?

Costner was asked if he would ever expect Jamie to re-enter John's good graces in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, and the Yellowstone star had a subtle surprise response:

Probably the program will come to an end. [Laughs.] My dysfunctional family really bothers me.

Even if Kevin Costner's assessment isn't gospel straight from Taylor Sheridans' head, it's likely not to be too far off with such an assessment, as dark as it is. The conflicts Jamie helped create with John and Beth are the sort that nothing less than concrete and duct tape would help. So if Jamie ended the story by killing himself with the hatchet, then it's a clue the story has gone too far.

I like to think there is a world in which the fictional Jamie Dutton gets wind of the fact that his Yellowstone existence would vanish if he began to converse with John again. That would probably be a lot more mindfuck than Beth could do to him. Also, if the horse trader Travis Wheatley came around and revealed he actually helped bring the whole family to life? Was it just that we knew how the Yellowstones finale would play out?

Probably not. Or certainly not. As sin-crushing as that might be, it sounds quite a little too peaceful for this hard-living and hard-loving universe.

Taylor Sheridan has provided a sneak peek at Season 5 that underscores the notion that the bodies will be building up as the ratings-grabbing western nears its eventual end, and that it will not just be non-Duttons that will be losing ground.

In Season 5, you will be unable to play the game without taking chess pieces off the board.

Jamies will most likely go with someone when he goes, the jerk, because he doesn't even say piece. I mean, Sheridan might be referring to Kayce or Monica or Rip or Beth, but come on, they're going to die! And apparently while still on Johns' naughty list.

On Sunday, November 13, the fifth season of Paramount Network will return to 8:00 p.m. ET, followed by Taylor Sheridans' latest drama Tulsa King, which will later be exclusively available with a Paramount+ subscription.