After skipping Venice press, Florence Pugh is bowing out of another Don't Worry Darling event

After skipping Venice press, Florence Pugh is bowing out of another Don't Worry Darling event ...

Dont Worry Darling is one of the most popular films to be released in 2022. From the daily newspaper to the social media buzz surrounding the film, there is always something new to learn. For example, Florence Pugh, the film's star, will not be attending the premiere of the film in New York until after the premiere (but did not attend the press conference) at the Venice Film Festival.

Pugh will not be attending the NYC premiere, according to Rolling Stone, and a Warner Bros. press release stated that Chris Pine will not be there. The premiere will take place on September 19 and the films will be released nationwide four days after on September 23.

After a tense Venice Film Festival, Pugh came to a stop last weekend for the premiere. She attended the premiere, but remained a distance from the film's director Olivia Wilde the entire time. She did not attend the screening until it was announced that she would no longer be doing press outside of Venice.

Pugh is not expected to attend these press conferences and premiere appearances because of the fact that she is filming Dune Part 2 in Budapest, which began filming in July. Wilde also stated that she has time conflicts because of Dune 2, declining to dismiss the endless tabloid gossip.

When it came to the casts' appearance in Venice, not only the media, but social media sparked a storm over the weekend. From Harry Styles reportedly spitting on Chris Pine (though it has now been confirmed he did) to Pughs stylist posing a bit of shade toward Wilde on Instagram, the drama is never-ending.

The Pugh and Wilde conflict has taken over the news cycle in the last few months. Harry Styles is said to make more money than Pugh on the film. There's also speculation about whether or not Shia LaBeouf would be fired or resigned from the film. What may be the major reason this has all become public is the wilde's ex-partner and Ted Lasso star Jason Sudeikis' relationship.

There may be less attention to the event than before, and not as many rumors. However, at the rate the news has been dropping, I'm certain there will be a lot of talk surrounding the NYC event, but it's unlikely that Florence Pugh or Chris Pine will be there.