The Classic Disney Ride Isn't in Its Best Condition Before Splash Mountain's Re-Theme

The Classic Disney Ride Isn't in Its Best Condition Before Splash Mountain's Re-Theme ...

Both Disneyland and Walt Disney World are in the process of making a major upgrade to a key E-ticket attraction. Tianas Bayou Adventure will be established shortly, and while the exact date when it will be phased out is unknown, I expect it to be soon based solely on the condition of Splash Mountain at Disneyland.

I recently went to Disneyland and, having not been on Splash Mountain in a long time, jumped on the ride just to see what was up. What I discovered was a ride that is roughly the equivalent of a senior graduating from college, which is mostly checked out. There are a few animatronics that arent in excellent shape.

Splash Mountain is ready to go. A couple of non-functioning animatronics are the most obvious, but the least of this ride's issues. It's clearly in the "ready to close" stage. 7, 2022

This short clip from the end of the attraction isn't very significant. Out of the dozens of non-functioning animatronics that are shown in this scene, it's an example of a larger issue that's affecting the rest of the ride as well. Many other animatronics are showing signs of limited mobility, some have simply been removed, and the lights have dimmed to make the missing items more noticeable.

When asked whether or not the Splash Mountain redesign would ever be implemented, Disney has confirmed that it will.

It's not that surprising to see Splash Mountain parts fail. While Splash Mountain did undergo regular maintenance recently, there's no great value in spending the time and hours fixing parts of a ride that won't be around for too long.

Tianas Bayou Adventure is expected to open at the end of 2024, but when Splash Mountain will close, it isn't clear. Considering the size of Splash Mountain, the remodel will take time.

This weekend at the D23 Expo, there's a safe bet that you'll get an answer. Well be getting updated on everything coming to the Disney Parks and some sort of Splash Mountain update could very well be part of that. Fans will want to know when their last chance to ride the current attraction will be, even if that ride is on a halt.