Pat McAfee, a WWE commentator, explains why he isn't doing both SmackDown and College GameDay at the same time

Pat McAfee, a WWE commentator, explains why he isn't doing both SmackDown and College GameDay at the ...

Pat McAfee has been an outstanding WWE commentator as well as occasional in-ring talent. Some who assumed that McAfee's multi-year contract extension would secure him a position within the company for the long haul

During The Pat McAfee Show, the host discusses a lot of what's being said about him in the wrestling world, while also highlighting the first time he hosted both programs in the same week:

I had to ask the WWE first about their thoughts. I tried both..I did it one time. We dont have anybody in Buffalo, basically. I had College Gameday the next morning in Memphis. So, Jim Irsay gave me his fucking jet to fly to Buffalo and then to Gameday in Memphis. I had two hours of sleep. I could.

Pat McAfee appeared in the WWE with the intention of at least mentioning that he might do both SmackDown and College Gameday if he had to. That's not exactly surprising to hear, given that McAfee is a big fan of the WWE and has become an integral part of its brand. Of course, he is also a retired NFL punter, one of several athletes who desires to do both.

The SmackDown commentator continued his story, stating that it was the WWE that advised him not to do both, and he shared the reaction of the unnamed person he discussed the matter with, as well as explained what his future with the WWE will be after College GameDay ends for the season:

So, while I do College Gameday, they said, Hey man, thanks for giving me the opportunity to participate in Gameday, which is a great opportunity. It's not good for you, it's not good for your family, and it's not good for anything. Whenever the time comes, we'll have you back in our family.

Pat McAfee may return to the WWE's main show when he can, but the question remains who will take him on the show temporarily. However, it does appear that Corey Graves, Kevin Patrick, and Byron Saxton are unlikely to leave their positions on the other show.

Jerry Lawler, an experienced WWE commentator who has served as a backup for previous WWE commentators months prior, may also join the WWE via paid preview shows and other events. We'll just have to wait and see if they can match up to Michael Coles' incredible personality since they were paired.

Pat McAfee would not be able to participate in a number of WWE live events on Fridays, although pay-per-views usually run on Saturdays right now. So just have to be patient and wait for information on when and where hell will show up next.